The foyer is your home’s first impression. Make it a good one!

We recently listed a beautiful home in Franklin that had an absolutely gorgeous entryway complete with a double staircase, chandelier, & cathedral ceilings.  Even if your home is small, the entry can still make a big impact with simply a unique door or cozy bench.

Read below our tips on how to make your foyer leave a lasting impression.

1. Updating You Lighting Fixture
If yours is a house with an already impressive foyer, you probably have a large lighting fixture to go with it. Simply updating the chandelier can change the style and tone of your whole foyer. Whether your look is classic, rustic, or modern, there is a hanging lamp out there that will easily update your entry.

 lighting 1 lighting 2 lighting 3

 2. Make Your Door Memorable
Something as simple as a coat of paint can make your entry really stand out (especially in small spaces). Our favorite picks are below. Theres something striking about a black door in an entry way, a subtle color makes for a cozy, cottage feel, but we’ll always have a place in our heart for pops of color as well!





3. A Functional Foyer
Mudrooms are being called “backdoor foyers,” because they are the place where you and your family are most likely to enter. Make your mudroom as functional as possible by installing a built-in like below. They are perfect for your family’s winter jackets and muddy boots!

mud 1 mud 2 mud 3


Want your own impressive foyer? Check out our listing for 9353 Grandview Court in Franklin!