When we see an empty lot, all we see is potential! Sure, now it’s just a square of grass – but a little investment and a little ingenuity can turn that lot into lots of money.

We found this amazing article on Zwillow about calculating the value of a vacant lot using a commercially-recognized valuation technique called Residual Land Valuation. Basically it is a formula that lets you calculate the profit building on an empty lot can yield. The insight is invaluable. We’ll let Zwillow explain exactly how it works -  learn more about RLV here. 

If you are looking for an empty lot that will give you a HUGE return on your investment, look no further. Currently on the market is a lot in Milwaukee that has been recently reduced to under $1,000! Whether you use it to build a single or multi-family residence or decide to pave it and charge for parking, at under one-thousand dollars, we’re sure you’ll start profiting in no time!

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