When we see an empty lot, all we see is potential! Sure, now it’s just a square of grass – but a little investment and a little ingenuity can turn that lot into lots of money.

We found this amazing article on Zwillow about calculating the value of a vacant lot using a commercially-recognized valuation technique called Residual Land Valuation. Basically it is a formula that lets you calculate the profit building on an empty lot can yield. The insight is invaluable. We’ll let Zwillow explain exactly how it works  learn more about RLV here. 

If you are looking for an empty lot that will give you a HUGE return on your investment, look no further. Currently on the market is a lot in Milwaukee that has been recently reduced to under $1,000! Whether you use it to build a single or multi-family residence or decide to pave it and charge for parking, at under one-thousand dollars, we’re sure you’ll start profiting in no time!

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