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homebuyer assistance

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There are currently hundreds of City of Milwaukee-Owned homes for sale. Milwaukee’s Homebuyer Assistance Program was created to make buying these properties possible for all homebuyers who are interested in owning. ¬†Administered by the City’s Neighborhood Improvement Development Corporation, this program seeks to provide funding to help prospective homeowners.

Funds Available

Forgivable Homebuyer Assistance loans of up to $20,000 are available to eligible homebuyers to assist in the rehabilitation of city-owned foreclosed homes.
See Kapital Real Estate’s list of City-owned properties here.

7 Steps to Home Ownership

The City of Milwaukee has created a simple step-by-step plan to make homeownership a possibility to anyone. 

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Homebuyer Counseling Agencies

Completion of homebuyer counseling is a requirement for qualifying for a forgivable loan from the City of Milwaukee. Please contact one of these reputable agencies to learn how to complete your 8-hours of homebuyer counseling. 

Click Here for Full List of Counseling Agencies

Do I Qualify?


Additional Information

For more information, including FAQ’s, Up-To-Date Announcements, and more, visit
The Milwaukee Neighborhood Improvement Development Corporation Website
or contact them at

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